Could you please add a yearly donation option to the donation forms?
There is a gap between the "Membership form" and the "Donation Forms. While we appreciate the fact that the membership tickets allow for a yearly renewal option, the form does not permit donors / contributors to give more than the "starting amount". The donation form allows the donors to give more if their budget permits, however does not allow us to provide an automatic yearly renewal to do the donor.
As shared with your team:
We very much like to donation form better because it gives people more options for the amount of donation. We are trying to avoid having people give only one specific amount if they have the opportunity to give more.
Is there a way of having this exact form with a yearly renewal option?
The regular ticketing form that has the yearly renewal option is not very friendly when it comes to giving people option to contribute or give more. Once you hit select, you are only stuck at that amount.
#1. The select button comes before the option to donate additional amount
#2. There is no option to donate a different amount
#3. The "Add a donation for Elevate International” is hidden at the bottom.